16 Best Things To Do in Norway – Ultimate Traveller’s Guide

Norway is a scenic Scandinavian country known for its natural beauty and exciting outdoor activities. From exploring fjords and mountains to visiting historic sites and modern cities, Norway has something for every traveller. As a tourist visiting Norway, you may be wondering what are the top attractions and things to do in Norway. This blog post is the complete guide on the top things you must experience on your Norwegian vacation with a Norway Visa UK!

16 Incredible Things To Do in Norway on Your Vacation

1. Cruise The Fjords – Top Norway Outdoor Activities For Tourists

The Norwegian fjords are a must-see attraction. These deep, narrow inlets lined by towering cliffs and cascading waterfalls offer breathtaking scenery. Popular fjords include the UNESCO-listed Geirangerfjord, Hardangerfjord, Sognefjord and Lysefjord.

Go on a fjord cruise to fully experience their beauty. You’ll sail past gushing waterfalls, lush green landscapes, isolated hamlets and more. Some cruises also include onshore hiking and kayaking.

2. See The Northern LightsBest Things To Do in Norway!

If you’re wondering about “where to see Northern Lights in Norway”, then you are at the right place.

From September to mid-April when the nights grow longer, keep an eye out for the dazzling Northern Lights dancing across Norwegian skies. The best places to see them are Tromsø, Lofoten Islands, Svalbard Islands and northern towns like Narvik.

Bundle up warmly and find a spot away from city lights for the best chance to witness this natural phenomenon. Many hotels and tour operators also offer Aurora hunting trips with professional guides. So, why wait? Apply for Norway visa Application Form today to kickstart your Norway vacation!

3. Check Out Oslo – One of The Best Places To Visit & Things To Do in Norway

As Norway’s vibrant capital, Oslo seamlessly blends modern city life with natural surroundings. Marvel at panoramic city views from Oslo Opera House’s angled white marble roof. Wander through Vigeland Sculpture Park’s 200+ intriguing sculptures. And peruse Nordic art at The National Gallery and Munch Museum dedicated to Edvard Munch’s works.

Don’t miss Oslo’s harbor restaurants and Mathallen Food Hall’s sumptuous Norwegian specialties. End with some retail therapy on Karl Johans gate shopping boulevard.

4. Explore Bergen – Popular Historical Places in Norway To Visit

Set amidst seven hills and expansive fjords, Bergen has an unmistakable charm. A UNESCO World Heritage site, Germany’s Bryggen Hanseatic wharf showcases colorful medieval houses. Learn about Viking history at museums like Hannas Hus and Alvøen Hovedbygningen.

Ride the Fløibanen funicular to Mount Fløyen’s apex for panoramic outlooks over Bergen. And sample delicious seafood like fjord trout, lobster and mackerel at Torget Fish Market. So, don’t wait anymore! Book your Norway Visa appointment today to get started!

5. Go To A Mountain Lodge – Top Norway Winter Activities

For an authentic Norwegian experience, stay at traditional mountain lodges situated high in remote wilderness. Røros, Geilo, Beitostølen and Hafjell are popular mountain towns with lodging options.

You’ll sleep in rustic cottages and cabins, and partake in activities like skiing, hiking mountain trails, river rafting, horseback riding and more based on location and season. It’s an opportunity to connect intimately with Norway’s alpine scenery.

6. Visit The Jostedalsbreen Glacier – A Must-Visit Norway Place!

Spanning 13% of Norway, the Jostedalsbreen Glacier is continental Europe’s largest ice mass. Take a guided walk on the blue ice tongue, kayak between glittering icebergs on Lake Nigardsbreen, or snowmobile over this frozen marvel near villages like Olden, Briksdal and Stryn.

Learn about Norway’s glacial geography at the Norwegian Glacier Museum. And marvel at Jostedalsbreen’s sheer scale on hikes like Bødalsbreen Glacier trail.

7. See The Midnight Sun – One of The Top Norway Hiking Trails

In northern Norway’s Arctic circle, the summer Midnight Sun phenomenon brings 24 hours of daylight between May and July. Popular places to experience this include Tromsø, Lofoten Islands, Alta and North Cape.

The best Midnight Sun viewing activities include fjord cruises, fishing trips, and mountain hiking at illuminating hours. Don’t forget to bring eye masks though – the constant daylight makes sleeping difficult!

Norway Tourist Visa With Things to Do in Norway

8. Experience Husky Sledding – Family-Friendly Activities in Norway

Dog sledding with energetic husky packs is an exciting Norwegian winter activity. Family-friendly destinations with sledding options include Geilo, Hemsedal Bergen and more.

Glide through pristine snowy wilderness as your trusty husky team lead on multi-day tours. Learn sled commands and help feed and bond with these amazing dogs. Some operators even let you stay overnight in remote forest cabins!

9. Go on A Norway In A Nutshell Tour Activity in Norway

For stunning scenery without lengthy travel times, book Norway’s iconic “Norway in a Nutshell” railway tour from Oslo or Bergen. The roundtrip covers the best attractions like Flåm Railway, Sognefjord, Nærøyfjord and more.

Experience the Flåm Railway’s steep climb between snowcapped peaks, ferry rides on deepSognefjord and Aurlandsfjord arms, and an idyllic village stop at Voss. With magnificent photo opportunities, it perfectly captures Norway’s highlights.

10. Take The Flam Railway – Luxury Experiences in Norway

Ranking among the world’s steepest train rides, the Flåm Railway offers incredible views along its 1-hour journey. Connecting Flåm village to Myrdal mountain station, it passes mighty waterfalls plummeting off sheer precipices, tranquil valleys and isolated farms.

For a longer experience, combine it with ferry rides across Aurlandsfjorden and Nærøyfjorden. Haugastøl, Vatnahalsen and Berekvam make great stopovers to explore fjord-side hiking trails and quaint hamlets.

11. Wander Around Trondheim

With colorful warehouses and medieval dwellings dotting river banks under a towering cathedral, Trondheim flaunts its rich history in style & things to do in norway.

Get lost wandering Bakklandet’s cobbled streets, and Nidaros Gothic-style cathedral – Scandinavia’s largest medieval building. Browse through Ringve Museum’s vast musical instrument collection, and savor slow-cooked meats at Ravnkloa Fish Market.

12. Relax in Geirangerfjord – Affordable Things To Do in Norway

Plunging down from the Norwegian Sea’s azure waters, Geirangerfjord’s twisty 15 km aquatic ribbon is paradisiacal perfection. Take it slow, going on relaxing ferry rides and stopping at sleepy hamlets like Hellesylt and Geiranger village with gorgeous vistas along cliffs and waterfalls.

From Geiranger, ride the hair-raising Ørnevegen road with its 11-hairpin bends for more memorable outlooks, or hike trails like Unesco-listed Westeras Farm Loop.

13. Visit Lofoten Islands – Unique Activities & Scenic Drives in Norway

Northern Norway’s craggy Lofoten Islands present exceptional beauty with peaks and beaches interlaced against crystal waters. Base yourself at Reine village or lively Svolvær town for activities like whale watching, cod fishing, cycling, villages and galleries.

Don’t miss scenic drives to white sand beaches, Hamnøy’s red cabins and Stockfish Museum detailing Lofoten’s fishing heritage. From May to July, experience the islands under the ethereal midnight sun too!

14. Check Out Trolltunga – Adventure Activities in Norway

Legendary lookout Trolltunga or ‘Troll’s Tongue’ hovers bone-chillingly 700m over Ringedalsvatnet Lake for things to do. The moderately challenging 10-12 hour hike crossing epic landscapes is hugely rewarding upon finally gazing down from Trolltunga’s precipitous edge.

Nearby, hike through Odda valley’s roaring waterfalls or try white water rafting on scenic Hardangervidda plateau. For more adrenaline, join extreme Trolltunga Via Ferrata climbing trips!

15. Go To Holmenkollen Ski Jump & Museum

Perched high overlooking Oslo, the epic Holmenkollen Ski Jump looks jaw-dropping even without daredevils mid-flight. Its soaring observation deck and simulator let anyone experience the jump’s dizzying height.

The fascinating Holmenkollen Ski Museum traces over 4000 years of ancient and modern Norwegian ski history using interactive displays. It’s one of the must-see museums in Norway for history buffs & ski lovers!

Don’t miss panoramic Oslo views, downhill roller-sled Zipline rides and hiking trails in pristine Nordmarka nature behind the jump too!

16. Enjoy The Best Norwegian Foods on Your Norway Vacation!

Beyond the stereotypical lutefisk, contemporary Norwegian cuisine incorporates the country’s natural bounty – fresh seafood, game meat, foraged berries and local cheeses. Be sure to sample specialities like gravlax (dill-cured salmon), brunost (brown cheese) and lefse (potato flatbread).


With deep fjords, jagged peaks, quaint hamlets and a range of adventures, Norway promises breathtaking experiences for UK tourists. Its easily accessible landscapes and outdoor spirit make for an unforgettable holiday.


By sailing Norway’s fjords, chasing Northern Lights and witnessing natural marvels like glaciers and Midnight Sun, you’ll create special memories to cherish. So, start packing your bags, and get ready to embrace Norway’s astounding beauty. So, plan your Nordic vacation with things to do, & get your Norway Visa from UK and jet off with your loved ones to Norway!


How To Get Around Norway?

Norway has an excellent public transport system between cities, with options like trains, express buses and domestic flights. The Vy app covers trains and buses. Within cities, public transit with metro, tram, bus and ferry networks work well.

What is The Best Time of Year To Visit Norway?

June to August is peak season with almost 24-hour daylight, festivals and open attractions. For skiing and Northern Lights viewing, September-April is ideal. However May/September have fewer crowds and lower prices.

What Can I Do For Free in Norway?

There are many free activities like hiking Norway’s famed trails, exploring lively Oslo’s waterfront and parks, wandering through historic Bryggen Hanseatic wharf in Bergen, and enjoying festivals like Bergen International Festival and Oslo Jazz Festival.

Is Norway expensive To Visit?

Yes, Norway is one of Europe’s most expensive countries due to high taxes and wages. However, you can save costs by booking apartments instead of hotels, buying alcohol at duty-free shops, purchasing Oslo Pass and Norway in a Nutshell pass , and cooking your own meals.

Is Tap Water Safe To Drink in Norway?

Absolutely! Norway has exceptionally clean tap water that is purified and completely safe to drink anywhere in the country, including when hiking or at restaurants. So no need to buy bottled water and create plastic waste.

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